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Digital Diary

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Save money - Never buy another diary

The lightweight, slim-line intelligent organiser that lets you share data with your PC.

66 Kb memory: Stores up to 2408 names and numbers.

Extra large display: 16 characters by 5 line liquid crystal display.

Graphic Icon Display: For easy operation with instantly recognisable functions.

Password protection function: Allows you to keep your private information confidential. Access is only possible using the user set password.

QWERTY keyboard: For easy input and retrieval of your data.

Unit to unit infrared (IrDA) data transmission: Transmit data from one ZX5000 series to another via the infrared link. Share records across a sales team or simply back up your own records.

Telephone mode: 3 telephone directories (business, personal and general). 8 fields in each directory; name, telephone, mobile and fax numbers, company name, address, e-mail address and note.

Schedule mode: Allows you to plan your days and manage your time and automatically links with the schedule alarm.

Calendar mode: 200 year calendar, the large display shows the entire month for easy planning of your time.

Home time mode: With 12/24 hour and daylight savings time settings.

World time mode: For 32 cities.

Daily alarms with snooze function: The snooze alarm will sound after 10 and 20 minutes for 20 seconds at a time.

Memo mode: Up to 512 characters per entry.

To Do mode: Enter your things to do in order of priority. Up to 512 characters per entry.

Expense Manager mode: 3 expense manager directories allow you to store expense data and produce a report for any specific period. You can even re-name the fields to tailor them to your needs.

Separate calculator keyboard: 10 digit calculator, 28 line paperless printing calculator.

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