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Printer Ribbon Re-inking

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On following up an advetisment in the Christchurch Press, we arranged a visit with the importer. Following a simple demonstration, we purchased our first ribbon re-inking machine. On arriving home, we re-inked our very first ribbon for our own computer printer, and gave it its first test run. We were delighted with the result, and re-inked just every other used ribbon we could find.

That was back in February 1993, and our company commenced what was then, a basically unheard of business in this country, that which involved the re-inking of computer printer ribbons for dot matrix printers.

Very few people who had even heard of re-inking back then, and even fewer had ever tried it, but if they had, their experience was usually an unpleasant, if not an expensive one, often resulting in significant printer print-head repairs, due to the poor quality inks that were being used, which normally lacked a lubricant in the ink.

We trialled our own re-inked printer ribbons extensively, and convinced that our re-inked ribbons were of the highest quality, we were able to offer a safe product giving an excellent quality result, we named our new business "Recharge Unlimited". Every ribbon was measured, and recorded, so the exact amount of ink was used. We then set about convincing many local businesses throughout Ashburton to try our products, with tremendous response. We knocked on a lot of doors, and I reckon we visited almost every business in town.

Many of our repeat customers believed that our re-inked ribbons produced a darker print and lasted longer, and were therefore in many cases, better than than the ribbons they purchased from their usual outlet. A big problem that occurred with new ribbons was shelf life, and some had dried out after a period of time.

Initially, we only guaranteed our service and products, however we then went even further to provide a guarantee for the printer - that if our service caused any damage (above normal "wear-and-tear") we guarantee to repair or replace the printer.

Over a relatively short period of time, we purchased five more machines, the exclusive rights to use the equipment in the Mid-Canterbury area, and completely convinced of its potential, we then purchased the exclusive New Zealand and Australian importation rights for the equipment, along with the company set up for this purpose - Professional Business Systems Ltd.

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