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Very soon, our expanding customer base began requesting additional services, and during a sales call, one prospect asked if I could refill his empty laser printer cartridge.

The machine was an Epson Action Laser EPL-4000.

The problem was that I simply hadn't done any training in re-manufacturing of any of these cartridges, and basically had no idea what to do. On the insistence of the "future" customer, I took the cartridge home, and looked through all the information that I had. Nothing referred to this model printer. However, using a bit of good old kiwi ingenuity, and a heck of a lot of luck, I managed to blunder my way through the job, vacuumed out the cartridge, added new toner, crossed my fingers (and toes), and somewhat aprehensively took it back to the customer. We placed the cartridge into the machine that very afternoon, started the machine up, and hey presto . . . everything worked perfectly. After a few weeks though, the cartridge run out of toner again, but far too soon, so back to the workshop, and this time we doubled the toner fill!

As a result, we had a very happy customer, who paid less than half of the new cartridge cost.

It looked like we were also now in the laser cartridge remanufacturing business!

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