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Home Brewing / Distilling

The law was changed in New Zealand in the late 1980's which makes it legal to allow home distilling, with the proviso that any alcohol produced is not sold, without the appropriate liquor licences obtainable from NZ Customs and the local district licencing authorities.

About 1991 or 1992, the local Payless Plastics shop, who at the time was Ashburton's only retailer of home distilling products, was closing down. A meeting with the owners took place, and as a result of those discussions, their entire stock was purchased and relocated to the Mill-Ford Lodge retail shop in Allens Road.

Following an initial, very steep learning curve, this important part of our business has continued to grow over the years, with many local and out-of-town customers currently purchasing their supplies from us, along with several loyal customers from Australia, the USA and Canada.

We are without doubt, Mid-Canterbury's most experienced and largest retailer, and can give specialist real-world advice from 20+ years of direct experience in hobby home brewing and distilling. We can also give specific advice on any problems that you may encounter, as it is our aim to help our customers as much as possible in order for them to achieve the best results they possibly can. This is a completely different approach from the local supermarket, where advice is not available at all, especially from junior staff, who in many cases probably wouldn't even know what a still looked like, let alone use one.

Much has changed over the years from brewing barrels, the quality of the stills themselves, high alcohol yeasts, filtering equipment and supplies, through to essences and flavours. We permanently carry in excess of 175 different flavours with more added on a regular basis, and a range of additives to enhance and improve flavours.

We are supplied by all New Zealand manufacturers, and we can therefore offer you the customer, the very best range of homebrew supplies available, all at reasonable prices. If we haven't got it in stock - we will get it!

We do not carry the high overheads that city homebrew shops experience, as our retail premises is the base for a number of our business operations, nor do we pay additional staff to handle sales enquiries and orders, as all of this is carried out in our office/retail shop.

Every great reason to visit us soon . . . .

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