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A franchise operation was gradually developed the length and breadth of New Zealand from Kaitaia to Invercargill, with a group of 29 well trained and well supported independently owned franchisees, all using the exact same supplies and equipment that we imported, and the systems that we had developed.

In order to provide the very best quality inks and ribbon supplies, inkjet inks and supplies, laser cartridge toners, OPC drums and equipment, we spent a tremendous amount of time researching all of the North American vendors picking up the best from each of the industry leaders in their field. We also attended annual Trade Shows in Sydney, Australia, personally meeting many of the key players in the industry.

We began importing supplies in large volumes, usually air-freighting direct from manufacturers in the USA initially, and also shipping by sea, several larger lots of laser cartridge remanufacturing supplies to service our growing franchisee and customer requirements.

We introduced an free 0800 number service throughout New Zealand, and even offered discounted fuel cards.

Sadly, the franchise operation was closed down around the end of 2006, as a number of the franchisees had decided they wanted to be completely independent operators, and not tied in any way to a "Head Office". A few operators stayed with us for a number of years, but primarily because of the decision of the remaining franchisees to not financially support their Head Office for a nominal monthly fee, free monthly group get-togethers involving training and general business advice and assistance, and the ever more important on-going technical support, many of those operations ultimately failed and the businesses ceased to exist, although one or two have survived and continue to do business today.

It was truly ironic, that I was advised by a colleague in Australia, that they had been trying to do there for years, what had effectively been destroyed here in New Zealand.

Over the years since 1993, our own operation Recharge Unlimited, has serviced in excess of 5600 different cartridges, some only once, but many have been serviced numerous times, (a few have even been serviced over 50 times) which is great testament to our belief in the quality of the product.

To date, we have never had a claim against our guarantees.

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