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In early 2003, it became apparent to us that there were a large number of good quality computer monitors that were being consigned directly into landfill, not only at great cost to computer recyclers, but also at massive cost to the environment, as there was not a market for them.

It should be remembered, that there is 8lb - 12lb (3.6 kg - 5.4kg) of toxic leaded glass in every 15" CRT monitor, and based on North American research applied to NZ, there are well in excess of 4,000,000+ CRT monitors lying idle in basements, warehouses, store rooms and garages throughout New Zealand.

So . . . . we set about finding a market, and after extensive research over the next 12 to 18 months, a viable market was found.

Monitors were collected from throughout the South Island, stored and loaded into 40' High Cube containers in Ashburton, which is conveniently located approximately in the centre of the South Island and equidistant between the Ports of Lyttleton and Timaru.

The first photo shows a new load of monitors in our storage area. The second is shown in front of an almost full containerload of approximately 1300 monitors.

To date, we have successfully exported over 37,500 monitors, destined for refurbishment and on-sale throughout the world.

On arrival at our buyer's refurbishment facility, the monitors are unloaded, sorted for size, checked for quality, dismantled, and the glass tubes are refurbished. Following an intensive testing procedure at QC, the tubes are then placed into a new casing, with a new
circuit boad and cable fitted, and re-packaged for markets throughout the world.

Regretfully, due to a series of circumstances, including the worldwide recession, our primary buyer has since ceased operating his business, so it is basically back to the "drawing board" to find a new market.

Until one is found, we must now charge a fee of $6 per monitor, which help covers the recycling cost.

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