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Bottled Water

Bottled Water

Water is available in 15 litre exchange bottles, which are filled on a regular basis.

The water bottling plant has a two stage filter, and an ozone generator which seals the bottles to prevent the water going stale prior to consumption.

The life of an unopened bottle of water is theoretically infinite, however it is often difficult to guarantee the integrity of the cap or storage in dark conditions away from sunlight after it is delivered, so we therefore recommend that water is consumed within three or four weeks of delivery. To ensure good stock circulation, bottling dates are labelled on each cap.

We currently have a monthly exchange service offering free delivery to our Lauriston / Lyndhurst / Methven customers, and a local Ashburton delivery service on an as-required basis.

We plan to operate our delivery service to other rural areas, as demand increases.

Our price for 15 litre reusable "environmentally friendly" bottles is $9.00 delivered within Mid-Canterbury or can be collected from our business premises.

Compare this . . . . Pay only .60c per litre as compared to $2.50 per 750ml pump bottle.

SPECIAL OFFER: CONTACT US NOW for a "one week free trial" dispenser and your first bottle of water for just $5.00

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